10 Historical Movies You MUST Watch

You can’t really learn a lot of history by watching Hollywood blockbusters (that pursuit is better fitted for documentaries), but there is still value in them. There is always value in spending an hour and a half in somebody else’s shoes. There’s value in understanding how some historical events occurred, and how it felt to live through them on a personal level. With that in mind, here are 10 historical movie that you must watch.


Can you imagine fighting a war where thousands of people died just because two guys couldn’t decide who gets to be with a woman? How come the woman has no say in the matter? And when she does, how come that’s not respected? And, finally, if you’re going to make a whole movie about a war fought over a relationship, it’s kinda weird to not make that relationship the centerpiece of the movie? Or is that just my opinion?

All of that being said – Troy is a great movie for anyone who wants some of that “Ancient Greece” warfare but isn’t old enough to watch 300 yet.

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