How to Turn Famous Logos Into Usable Items

Ever heard of Taku Omura?  Not many people have, that is, until recently. He’s the genius Japanese designer who reimagined over 50 world-renown company logos into stuff you can actually use! Thanks to his mad 3D printing skills he even finds a practical use for an Adobe logo (and, no, it’s not a boomerang) and the McDonald’s golden arches (weirdly enough, not boomerangs either)!

Maybe in the future Taku Omura will make more internationally recognized 3D creations, so we can revisit this topic. For now, however, take your time and go look his website, full of cool, outlandish and outright crazy designs. From Play Station to Coca Cola and Toys R Us, here is how you turn famous logos into usable items!

SONY Play Station

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