20 Foods That Are Dangerous If Not Prepared Properly

Thanks to evolution, we no longer have to manage the risks of foraging and hunting for food. We have supermarkets that thankfully spare us the trouble, however, it doesn’t mean there aren’t any potential hazards in obtaining and preparing food. If not handled properly, some foods can cause serious illness and can even be fatal.

When buying, prepping, cooking, and eating less common foods, be informed so you know what you’re doing when serving up an exotic feast.

Review our list of 20 foods that could be harmful if you’re not armed with a bit of knowledge!

Raw Meat

Some raw meats are safe to consume depending on the way they are prepared. Minced beef and steak can be eaten raw or very rare as long as the meat is fresh and served immediately. This is to prevent the growth of the bacteria that causes Salmonella poisoning, which leads to severe gastroenteritis. This is why it’s recommended to properly cook meat, and especially poultry.

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