WIN an all-new (and unrivalled) Samsung Galaxy A9 for all your snapping needs

Brought to you by Samsung Galaxy A9.

Selfies for days.
Who needs a new phone? Scratch that. Who WANTS a new phone?

Well, Samsung has your back this Christmas – they’re giving away a brand new smartphone! Not just any smartphone, no. It’s Samsung’s all-new Galaxy A9 – the greatest Christmas present camera obsessed smartphone user.

The Samsung Galaxy A9 is pretty much unrivalled when it comes to camera phone tech. It features the world’s very first smartphone quad camera, with each one suited and designed to help you form the perfect shot.

The main lens is 24 megapixels, there’s also a lens for zooming, another to enhance the depth of field (for those artsy, creative pics), and one for capturing wide angles. There is, of course, also a 24 MP front camera meaning only the best selfies for you.

The phone contains scene recognition so it can move between cameras itself, helping you to capture your subject in the best way possible.

To get your hands on the one-of-a-kind Samsung Galaxy A9 and find out more, check it out online here. There’s also your chance to win an-all new Samsung Galaxy A9 below! Prepare to get snapping all day, every day over the Christmas holidays ladies.

If you cannot see the competition form or its ‘submit’ button, please click here to enter.


Brought to you by Samsung Galaxy A9.

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